Merchant Account Leads

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Get Ahead w/ Merchant Account Leads

Of the many lead purchasing options available today one of the best choices a company can make is real time leads. A real time lead is simply a lead that is sent to you in "Real time". A fresh lead is generated when a potential customer searches the internet for merchant account services, they are then directed to one of our highly targeted landing pages. Our pages rank high on all the major search engines. From there they are asked to fill out a form inquiring about the specifics of their merchant account needs. The moment that user clicks submit, the information is sent directly to your email.

We generate industry specific leads, and because our landing pages are highly ranked on all the major search engines, users searching the internet for call center services find our website, where they sign up to receive quotes. We have essentially done all of the marketing work for you. We have positioned ourselves to attract self motivated applicants, and have invested our time and money to do so, so that you can get a full package, a brand new potential customer ready to go! Combine the power of our call center leads with a great sales pitch and your sure to achieve success.

Merchant Accounts Leads

We offer high quality, fresh merchant account leads to serious merchant account providers. They include Retail, Mail/Telephone, and Internet Merchant Accounts. We gather information on potential clients as they complete various online questionnaire forms. The moment we receive the completed information, it is immediately routed to your email address for action on your part with real time leads. We have merchant account leads available in real time and also in the aged leads database. View one of our sample leads and Create a Free Account Today.

All of our merchant account leads are generated from highly targeted websites that are designed to target self-motivated applicants searching the internet for your products and services. Our assurance to you is that the integrity of our leads is never compromised. Ever!

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