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All of our leads are sent in real time and unlike others in our business, we will never send leads that have been sitting on our server for even a minute. Real time leads are leads which are generated over the internet, that are sent directly to your email within seconds of the user submitting their information. After the questionnaire has been completed, the information is sent to you in "real-time" through an e-mail. This e-mail is based on your specific preferences that you select. Through market specific research, we can provide the most beneficial and cost effective leads which can create an immediate impact

All of our leads are generated from highly targeted websites that are designed to target self-motivated applicants who searching the internet for your products and services. Our assurance to you is that the integrity of our real-time leads is never compromised. Ever! What sets us apart from other internet lead providers is that we do not use telemarketers, email solicitation, and contests to generate our real-time leads. With Leads2Results you also have the option to choose specific states and other information to tailor your leads. We are offering leads currently on a non-exclusive basis. These non-exclusive leads are provided to a limited number of companies or agents. Call 1-800-486-8616 or email us today


Gain a competitive edge with high quality, targeted leads. Our leads are direct from self motivated consumers searching for products & services.

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