Internet Vs. Web Hosting

The Difference Between Internet and Web Hosting

In general terms Internet hosting is a service that runs internet servers. This service is what makes it possible for private and professional interest to get there information to appear on the internet.

The difference between internet hosting and web hosting is simply that web hosting is a type of internet hosting but they are often regarded as one in the same, which is inaccurate. In fact there are a number of internet hosting services including web hosting. There is e-mail hosting, and DNS hosting for example.

More over you can pretty much run anything you want to with an internet hosting provider, but to run a web page, one specificity needs a web hosting service. If you are looking to start an internet hosting service or already have one we strongly encourage you to focus on web hosting. Once you make that decision we can help you find clients quickly and easily. In fact we don't think we could make it any easier. We at Leads2esults have already done all the hard work for you. People come to our website looking for web hosting service provider and fill out one of our questioner form. The second they are done, we send the information to you in real time! See for your self and check out one of our sample leads, sign up for a free account or call to speak to one of our leads specialist. We also have a number of other internet service leads, just take a look around.

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