About Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance Overview

Time and Attendance systems keep track of employee time works and paid time off. It allows for the input of this information electronically and transmits this information to a businesses payroll department or service. It also allows for the approval of times by the managers overseeing it. And employees are also able to check up on there own time worked and paid time off.

The Purpose Of

The purpose for a time and attendance system is to make the collection of employee hours automated, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

How it Works

Employees will receive ID cards containing information specific to them. When they arrive at work they punch in by sliding there card though the card reader. This is also refereed to as “swiping the badge”. When an employee leaves work the swipe the badge to punch out. This time is collected and sent to payroll. The information on the individual badges allows for the appropriate rates to be applied automatically.

Employees are also able to punch in if the are off site. This can be done remotely via on line or through a phone system.

The Benefits

Time and Attendance systems allow employers to track and price cost of specific task employees work on. It also allows employees to evaluate how to improve the process of recording hours. In addition it can also provide employers with significant protection against payroll fraud and helps ensure the over accuracy of the entire payroll process.

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